• Chapter Championship Results

    Our Chapter Championship took place on Saturday the 8th of July with a small but enthusiastic turnout.  17 Stroke players and 1 Scramble team came ready to try their luck at this crazy game of golf to see if they might have the opportunity to advance to the semi-final event at Palouse Golf Course in Pullman, Washington.  

    There was also a FUN Scramble team and many first time participants in the event. The day started early, at 7:30 am, but that was perfect as it helped us beat the heat of the day.  The pace was great and BanBury prepared a nice lunch for us after we finished.  

    Thank you to all our special volunteers:  Cheryl, Maderazo, Pam Beaumont, Linda Aymon, Betty Hoffman, Debbie Ruckle, Mary Kay Burke and Jackie Bartel. Thank you to the Communication Team for advertising. A special thanks to Janet Young for her thoughtful planning and relentless reminders! Last but not least, a huge thank you to Linda Petlichkoff for her organization, coordination efforts and sense of humor.


      Championship Flight:  Kris Fenwick - Low Gross

                                        Anne Williamson - Low Net

      First Flight:  Carol Brown - Low Gross

                           C.J. Green - Low Net

      Second Flight:  Janet Young - Low Gross

                               Cindy Tealey - Low Net

      Third Flight:  Andrea Holmes - Low Gross

                            Lisa Holm - Low Net

      Fourth Flight:  Koli Brown

     Scramble Team: Bibana Nertney, Amanda Winn, Angela Lafferty and Annie Little-Roberts.

    Congratulation and good luck as you advance to the semi-final event.